Tires Shot/ Need Alignment or Normal?

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Tires Shot/ Need Alignment or Normal?

I purchased by 09 with 31,000 miles on it and a brand new set of Dunlop DZ101s. Stock size, stock rims. (Did repaint the rims-see my other post on that)
I noticed the rears were wearing a little more on the inside edge but was not too concerned; thought it was from the standard alignment specs. Another local S owner discovered his tires were shot from inside wear when we were changing the diff oil in my garage.

I did my 2600 mile trip thinking I had enough tread. (I thought I would put about 1500 miles but my wife had more time than I realized so I added to the itinerary) Tire failed 3 hours from home. Pick is attached. The other rear looked the same but held air till tire change. Fronts were worn down just above wear bars. The car now has 47,000 so I got 16,000 miles on the Drizzles which, from what I understand, is pretty good. I will admit I should have changed them sooner but before the trip they did not look like this! I hope to get much more from the Pilots.

So, the question is: is this normal? This is my first tire change out. I put new Pilot Super Sports on it and the thing tracks straight and true. (Really like the tires but that is another thread)

Should I get another alignment?

BTW, I had a Surco trunk rack and it came in mighty handy in the full car and full trunk with the flat tire. Worth its weight in gold. I added oak slats for function and looks.

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I think the tire wear looks normal for a OEM alignment. If you are happy with the tires, stay with them because you got great life from them.
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To echo Will, that's normal wear for the car. I can give you the European alignment specs if you'd like but that increases tire wear even more. You can expect anywhere from 10 to 14k miles out of a set of rear tires (you normally replace the fronts when you do the second rear tire replacement). Incidentally, I usually get an alignment done with every tire change. It's cheap insurance.
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Cos, your rears look like my fronts right now. I'm on my 4th or 5th set of tires, and I've never had wear like this... I attributed the wear to Swift Sport springs, but I can't exactly remember when these tires were put on in relation to the springs. Also surprised that ~1" lower would result in such a change in camber, but apparently it's 'normal' wear anyway? Glad you posted the question - I don't feel quite as alarmed now, but it still seems somewhat tied to my springs.
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looks like you still have a lot of wear left in that tire--it is far from a true baloney skin. it is right at that point when you need to get new tires and still have enough rubber left to really raise hell for a coupla hundred miles and do things that you don't want to do with your new tires--in the dry of course. what caused the failure?

my alignment guy will put it on the rack and tell you if you need an alignment. first time i was in he told me i was within spec. no charge. i got it aligned anyway. next time he said i was still within spec. no alignment. and he charges $100. take it to somebody that knows their stuff. no mr. goodwrench or tires are us.
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The failure began as a loss of 8 psi the morning I was just starting out 2 days from home. The low pressure light illuminated, checked pressure, (funny, I checked the fronts but not the rears that day) and it was 24. I filled it up and checked throughout the day; pressure was good. The next morning pressure was 24. Refilled and off I went for the final stretch home. Two hours later I noticed a little goosey feeling changing lanes. As I was looking at gauge, the low pressure light illuminated. Pulled over and the psi <10. I did not see any punctures or damage (I looked pretty carefully the day before and that morning too) so I imagine the air loss was from the cord exposure section.

I thought if I had made it home I might have fun with what was left but at the same time I did not want to tear up the diff. I have never tracked the thing so I recognize I am really pretty inexperienced with the car performing at its limit. Last thing I want to do is tear up the car on account of shot tires. I think a wet surface with no obstacles would be more fun. Maybe next time!

I always remembered what JJ once told me:


"May I properly introduce myself: I be Jack of the house of Marchese. And the only quote that I’ll recite religiously . . even more than the wonderful words of my old Bowery ‘bo, were Mario’s words (that’d be Papa Mario . . not that other Mario): “Bad weather is the poor man’s Bondurant”.
When it gets slippery and I can make use of it . . . my pulse quickens, my eyes get glassy and woe betide he who strays into my chosen path of righteousness that leadeth me to the decided upon foil for my socially unacceptable carryings-on.
Slippery turns boring rides into damn good rush material flyboy.
While there may be old pilots and bold pilots, the fact that there’s no old, bold pilots does not apply in my case.
I was never a pilot.

(Budd’I will admit that cobblestonez’re’da stuff’a nightmarez. Hadd’a priddy steep half-mile’a hill’a Staten Island’z Victory Blvd. whutt wuzz cobblestoned. ‘Can’t tell’yuh how many timez my youthful “enthusiasm” had my nuttz fightin’ each udda’da crawl back up inside."

End Quote.

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Just a follow up for grins and giggles. Here are the results from the alignment:

Camber 0.2 / -1.4 degrees
Caster 6.2 / 6.1 degrees
Toe -3/32 / -1/16 in
Total Toe -5/32 in
Steer Ahead -.05

Camber -1.0 / -2.6 degrees
Toe 3/32 / 1/32 inches
Total Toe 5/32 in
Thrust Angle .07 degrees

After Alignment:

Camber -.5 / .5 degrees
Caster 6.2 / 6.1 degrees
Toe 0 / 0
Total Toe -1/32 in
Steer Ahead .01 degrees

Camber -1.5 / -1.4 degrees
Toe 1/16 / 1/16 inch
Total Toe 1/8 inch
Thrust Angle -0.01 degree

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