Car Pulls to the left. NOW FIXED!

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Car Pulls to the left. NOW FIXED!

I have finally fixed my stupid problem. If you guys remember, I have several threads on how my car pulled to the left during acceleration. I said what my setup was and people immediately blamed it on what I also thought was the problem. My rears tires were different brands and the right tire was brand new while the left one was about 30% tread. Most people told me to change the tires but i cant afford tires so i didnt. I wanted to be 100% positive it was my tires before spending money on them. I got an alignment thinking it was that and nothing changed. I made sure everything was correct. The alignment tech guy also checked all my suspension and said it all checks out. My last option was tires. So yesterday i wanted to see if my aunts IS300 wheels would fit on mine and since they are all equally worn out, i should see if that fixed my problem. It didnt fit so i was stuck again. I finally came up with an idea and dont know why i hadnt thought about this before. I was gonna switch my rears for the fronts for 5 minutes to see if that fixes it. My front 2 are worn out evenly and still, cheap tires. I had nothing to lose and did this. I knew they would fit because another member on s2ki was running 245's all around. I took it out for a drive on local mountains and COMPLETELY fell in love with the car all over again. When people would say this car handles Godlike, i didnt understand why because mine didnt. Wow, does this car handle. Its so planted and more stable now. Im keeping this setup until i can afford new tires. Its VERY *** happy now but we all love that . I cannot imagine how great this beast will handle with star specs all around.

From my experiences, although im very young compared to the rest of you guys, this car is EXTREMELY sensitive. Any small thing will definitely throw it off. Now i have started a savings account for my new tires.

Sorry for the long write up but im hoping it might help someone else who is also in my position.
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Congrats on the fix TURD MONKEY!
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There is no one else in your situation. No one who could afford to buy this car would use unmatched tires, it's just plain lunacy.

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good fix man glad you can drive stright
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Hate to say it... Told ya so.

Originally Posted by JDMHonda View Post
\Any small thing will definitely throw it off.
I wouldn't consider mismatched tires in the rear (especially one that is new and one that is worn) a "small thing".

Rule #1: Simplest solutions first.
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Originally Posted by desmo4 View Post
There is no one else in your situation. No one who could afford to buy this car would use unmatched tires, it's just plain lunacy.

Agreed. If you can't buy new tires every so often, then why bother driving the crap out of your car?

I'm glad you've started a savings account for tires, though!
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Pulls left when accelerating and pulls right when not accelerating.

My '07 S2K's symptoms sound similar, but my tire situation is completely different. I just put a set of four NEW Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 XL's on and suddenly I'm experiencing a slight pull to the left when accelerating and a slight pull to the right when I let off the gas pedal. I've had this S2K for about 2 years now, it has ~70k miles on it (~20k mi by me) and even with the nearly bald tires I just removed it didn't do this at all ever before. I checked all the things I could think of: the left and right tires are the same size; they are rotating the correct direction, "outside" indicator on the sidewall is on the outside, they're all at 32 psi. Anybody have any ideas? I'll call (where I got them) to pick their brains, and then Firestone after that if necessary.

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Alignment check?
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