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christianebio 03-30-2018 12:18 PM

Yes I literally just registered on the forum today and I'm trying to sell some wheels. I used to frequent s2ki.com back in the day when actually had the car. 2003 AP1 full bolt-ons coilovers enkei rpf1 wheels. It got tboned in a parking lot and totalled by a hit and run driver. I've had these wheels in my garage for some time and finally getting around to trying to sell them. I have ads up on craiglist/offer up & let go. I can prove I had the car and that the wheels aren't stolen or some other bs. Obviously can't post in the for sale section because I just registered but I'm trying to get these things gone fast. They are in excellent condition. They only had about 50k miles on them when I swapped them out for the rpf1's. also have bf goodrich fforce sport tires already mounted on them with a good amount of tread left, rubber is in good condition as well. I'm in San Antonio Texas if anyone is interested HIT ME UP. Asking price is $300 pretty firm but willing to wiggle a little on it. If there is any real interest I'll be glad to either email or text you pics of the actual wheels. I'll try to post some pics on this thread later today though if the thread doesn't get deleted.

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