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Skittish drive

Old 05-16-2013, 02:25 AM
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Skittish drive

As a newbie to the S2k drive I feel that the car is extremely skittish on the road. My last performance car was a Scooby, so I am obviously used to the 4wheel drive. I find the S, has very direct feeling in the steering! Its like a go-kart, being extremely direct. Is this normal or do you guys think there could be a toe-in setting that is incorrect or possibly shot shock absorbers?

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The S2k is very sensitive to tire pressure. Make sure the pressure is even all the way around. If the pressure is too high, you'll get very strong torque steer. Make sure the tires on the car are the correct size and the same brand and model. Mixed tires can cause that 'skittish' feel as well. Has the car had an alignment lately? Misalignment might cause the tires to wear quickly (more quickly than normal) but rarely will cause strange behavior.
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All'a whutt kg said.
Also, cuttin' edge handlin'z jus' whudd'itt sayz: cuttin' edge handlin'. 'Pilot attentiveness hard-wired'da'da engine clock (permanent ON mode).
'Bes'a luck widd'er Dr.
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the S2000 does feel like a go-kart. the steering is direct and precise. it goes where you point it, immediately. it should track straight and feel planted to the road. with proper tires, cornering will feel like you are on rails.

kg covered high tire pressure. low tire pressure will make the car feel as if it is wallowing. a low tire will make it feel skittish, especially during lane changes, like you don't feel planted, almost as if the alignment is improper. it will feel like something is just wrong.

three things:

check the tire pressure. start out at 32 psi all the way around.

if that doesn't resolve it, get all four tires balanced.

lastly, if balancing and tire pressure fail to fix it, get an alignment by someone that is familiar with the car.

new tires may be a last resort. if you follow this route, be sure to include the previous three suggestions.
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What the above guys said. Good luck.
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Thanks gents, I will check all 3 options. Have checked the tyre pressure already. Will check tyre sizes and also take her for alignment anyway, just to be sure !
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Before I spent any money ( tire pressure is free) I'd get acclimated to the steering.

Every time I get in the s2k from my pickup, or even my Jetta the car feels quick and sensitive.
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and, going from 4wd to rwd is a big difference.

I haven't driven Sooby in a while but my BMW328XI was a pushing pig compared to the s2k
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