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2011 China Auto Show pics

Old 04-23-2011, 10:36 AM
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2011 China Auto Show pics

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Old 04-23-2011, 12:16 PM
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@*#& anythin' Chineeze.
'Bout @*#&in' hadd'itt wit' US buyerz buyin'eir cheezy, copied $hit before our own home-grown stuff when it'z available.
'Don't like my viewz?
Tough $hit. Take'a @*#&in' numba.
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Old 04-23-2011, 03:32 PM
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I'm with you Java. Only problem is our genius MBA's are only interested in the short term. Have you bought an American refrigerator lately? They are pure junk and no one seems to care. Our leadership talks about going green and our defunct appliances are filling up the landfills faster than we can dig a new hole.

My new law would be: You can not sell anything in the US that cannot be repaired when it breaks and you must stock the parts. Parts that are as expensive to repair as it is to buy a new unit must be designed to last at least 10 years. Hell some of the old American fridges are still going after 30 years. I wish I could buy one.

I guess it will be eventually too expensive to purchase Chinese goods and then maybe we can get back in business manufacturing durable goods. Right now the word is a joke in the US. Even the imported stuff is mostly trash because they know we don't really care. The US can make good stuff; the Chinese can make good stuff. We just need to stop buying the crap and be more selective (if we can).
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Old 04-23-2011, 05:14 PM
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30 yearz? How'bout damn-near 60 yearz?
'Godd'n ol' family Kelvinator upstate N.Y. still doon whudd'itt wuzz designed'da'doo.
'Godda admit't I ain't looked't referz lately 3, so I can't argue. But there's a whole lodda stuff out there still available from the companiez'n jobz'uv Americanz'n I'll buy that before I'm ever in'a Walmart. (Despite whu'chooze guyz've seen in'oze Walmartian picturez.)
We don't start wakin' up soon, when we finally do wake up . . we're gonna be dead.
'S'time'da start payin'attention'n buyin' American.
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'Jus' got diss. 'Dought'itt kine'a pert'nent:
For you landlubblers the Emma Maersk is a huge ship owned
by the Maersk Line of Denmark. It is chartered by Wal-Mart to
bring goods in containers from China to the US. It goes back
empty. This is one ship among five that will eventually be doing
the same thing. Read on and wonder about your future......

The Emma Maersk, part of a Danish shipping line,
is shown in the photos below.

What a wonder 'Made in China ' is displacing North American made goods big time. This monster transports goods across the Pacific in just 5 days!! This is one of three ships presently in service, with another two ships commissioned to be completed in 2012.

These ships were
Commissioned by Wal-Martto get all their goods and stuff from China . They holdan incredible 15,000 containers and have a 207 foot deck beam!! The full crew is just 13 people on a shiplonger than a US Aircraft Carrier (which has a crew of 5,000). With it's 207' beam it is too big to fit through the Panama or Suez Canals ..

It is strictly transpacific. Cruise speed: 31 knots.

The goods arrive 4 days before the typical container ship (18-20 knots) on a China -to- California run.
91% of Walmart products are made in China .So this behemoth is hugely competitive even when carrying perishable goods.

The ship was built in five sections. The sections floatedtogether and then welded.
The command bridge is higher than a 10-story building and has 11 cargo crane rigs
that can operate simultaneously unloading the entire ship in less than two hours.

Additional info:

Country of origin - Denmark
Length - 1,302 ft
Width - 207 ft
Net cargo - 123,200 tons
Engine - 14 cylinders in-line diesel engine (110,000 BHP)
Cruise Speed - 31 knots

Cargo capacity - 15,000 TEU (1 TEU = 20 cubic feet)
Crew - 13 people !
First Trip - Sept. 08, 2006
Construction cost - US $145,000,000+

Silicone painting applied to the ship bottom reduces water resistance and saves 317,000 gallons of diesel per year.

Editorial Comment!

A recent documentary in late March, 2010 on the History Channel noted that all of these containers are shipped back to China ,
EMPTY. Yep, that's right. We send nothing back on these ships. What does that tell you about the current financial state of this country? Just keep buying those imported goods (mostly gadgets) until you run out of money.

Then you may wonder what the cause of unemployment (maybe even your job)
in the U.S. and Canada might be????

'Nuff said ??
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Old 04-25-2011, 11:59 AM
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having been to China (and being Chinese though my parents aren't from mainland china) you can't really fault them for doing what they do. i agree anything that says "Made in China" usually means flimsy and crap, but they're just taking advantage of an available market by being able to do things cheaper and more efficiently than everyone else. there's no labor unions, OSHA, workman's comp, etc. (whether or not you think it's good or bad they just don't have those costs). there's an endless supply of cheap labor over there. we sorta do, but half the country is trying to build a fence to keep it out. although the hispanic population in our country is roughly 18% and growing.

a lot of the trade deficit is our own fault. we buy chinese goods. and american companies want to run their business more profitably. you know that if you bought a new toyota camry and a new chevy malibu, the camry would be responsible for more jobs in the US than tha malibu? most of the manufacturing and assembly for the malibu is done south of the border where as the camry is assembled in the US (and how toyota is able to compete in NASCAR).

i'd look at korea as a model. 35 years ago their GDP was roughly that of uganda. now it's a top 20 economy, and uganda is still well, uganda. and made in korea doesn't mean crap. i'm sure more than a few of us have a LG or Samsung phone, fridge, or washer in our house.
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Old 04-26-2011, 12:35 AM
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I bought a refrigerator made by the great American company GE. Made in Mexico. One of the most popular cars in China...Buick. Get used to it, it's a global economy and the mega corporations being able to buy the government aren't going to slow it any. There's nothing to stop the Chinese, or any other country from financing the campaigns of US lawmakers, thanks to the fearless Supreme Court.

I'm old enough to remember when made in Japan meant cheap crap! Except maybe the Ever-sharp pens, which was the fore runner of Sharp Electronics.
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Old 04-26-2011, 03:32 AM
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'No denyin'att dey're only doon whut we're allowin'em'da'doo LT.
But whedda'yer refer'z made in Mexico, Taiwan'r, who knowz? Maybe soon'anuff Uganda . . Americanz bedda start payin'attention'da who dey're supportin' inn'iss "global-economy".
Dere'z'a whole lodda wizdom in'da roll-yerown mine-set'n nothin' but suicide erodin'da groun'a'cha stannin' on.

'Ere'z no doubt aboudd'itt: everybody'z gonna take advantage'uv'a situation. Budd'iff'yuh're lookin' pas'da en'a'yer noze'n seein'da inevitable . . . yuh shouldn't be @*#&in' helpin'em.
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Old 04-26-2011, 03:07 PM
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i try to buy local as much as i can (screw GE for not paying ANY taxes on their $31 billion profits last year) but i think the bigger problem is the large US corporations who take their manufacturing overseas. converse, for example, no longer makes their iconic chuck taylor's in the US, that's why it doesn't say USA underneath the star no more. it's like what the f*** can you buy that's still made in the USA?

well in my dental office, there's a company that does all of its design, manufacturing, and packaging in the US, so i use a lot of their products over say other companies who import their stuff. it's a little more $, but it's quality stuff and i've toured their factories so i'm trying to do my part. but screw me in the bunghole if i'm gonna pay $10 for a trashcan when i can get the "made in china" version for $2.
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