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108 tips to increase MPG.

Most of these are clearly obvious, some not.

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52) Encourage a pass: the fake turn
Drivers who travel below the normal flow of traffic should facilitate drivers approaching from behind to go past safely, with a minimum of interruption.

"Faking" a turn by signalling and moving into a turning lane (even though you intend to continue straight on) is one option.

Note: judgment and care is demanded so you don't mislead any driver into making an unwanted move as a result of your "miscommunication". You must be prepared to actually make the turn if your actions create a situation that would make it the safest option.

55) Engine off coasting
Engine-off coasting (EOC) is one of the largest contributors to increased efficiency of hybrid vehicles, many of which automatically shut down the engine when the accelerator is released and the vehicle is coasting.

EOC can be accomplished in non-hybrids as well simply by shifting to neutral and switching the key from "Run" to "Acc" (being careful not to switch to "Off" and cause the steering to lock). As soon as the engine stops, return the key to the "Run" position or else you will be in danger of locking out your steering and crashing. Also be careful to not steer at all while the key is off to prevent a lock up.

This technique is best suited to cars with manual steering and manual transmissions. (Dramatically increased steering effort may be required in some cars with power assist. Also, most vehicles with automatic transmissions are not designed to travel with the engine shut off; the transmission may be damaged).

In non-hybrids, EOC is considered an advanced technique and should not be attempted until the skill developed away from traffic. In addition, coasting with the engine off is illegal in some areas.

The best way to EOC is with a kill switch that shuts off the engine without removing the key, thereby eliminating the dangers of locking the steering wheel.

59) Push it - 1
If you only have to move your car a very short distance - eg. out of the garage - consider rolling it rather than starting it up to move it.

60) Push it - 2
If you're starting out on an incline, give your car a shove to get it rolling as far as possible before starting the engine.

Parking (and departing) ...

61) Start up: wait for the opportunity to move
Don't start the engine until there's actually an opportunity to start driving: eg. a gap in traffic when exiting a driveway or parking space.

You can plan even further ahead: don't turn the key until you know you can time the next traffic light down the street.

62) Parking tactics: orbit to bleed momentum
If you find you have too much momentum after reaching your preferred parking spot, continue coasting further down the row or "orbiting" a spot until you can roll to a stop in position without touching the brakes.

(The extent to which you might continue 'orbiting' depends on whether your engine is on/off and whether you're driving a manual or automatic. Also, it depends on traffic in the lot, obviously.)

72) Automatic transmission: key off, then Park
Save a few drops of fuel by modifying your shutdown procedure: when parking, turn off the key *before* shifting to Park and setting the parking brake.

76) Automatic transmission: neutral when stopped
Shift automatic transmissions to neutral when stopped (assuming you're going to leave the engine running). Remaining in drive wastes fuel as the engine continues to try to creep the car forward while being held back by the brakes.

86) Avoid heater use until the engine has reached operating temperature
Engines runs rich until a minimum temperature threshold is reached. Running the heater blower before that has happened will slightly increase warm-up time and increase fuel consumption.

107) Listen to slower music
Leave the speed metal at home. Fast paced music can make a driver more impatient, more agressive and likely to speed. At the same time, slower paced music is more relaxing and tends to promote a more sensible driving style while also reducing stress.

this is some of the most exciting, informative information i have ever read concerning the conservation of gasoline. great find dug. i will admit that some of these techniques will get you killed or ruin your car.

52,55,60,61--this is some of the worst advice i have ever heard or read about. coasting and faking turns--what crock!

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Originally Posted by bbcricketta View Post
i will admit that some of these techniques will get you killed or ruin your car.
Yeah, but just think of all the gas you'll save if you're dead..a 100% improvement over your previous driving while alive habits.
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Originally Posted by kgf3076 View Post
Yeah, but just think of all the gas you'll save if you're dead..a 100% improvement over your previous driving while alive habits.
Only if they hand dig the grave with shovels instead of using a diesel guzzling backhoe.
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