Question about turbo S2k's

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Question about turbo S2k's

I recently got my S2000 to sound exactly like I want it too. I have an Invidia test pipe, with the Tsudo dual exhaust. For me it couldn't sound any better. Really deep growl and almost like a boxer engine down low. Even at 3-4k rpm on the highway you can still hear each cylinder distinctly. The best sound of all is to accelerate to high rpm (above 7k) and just let off the gas and let the engine deccelerate the car. It's truly an amazing noise. Even my die hard domestic friends who constantly bash imports, tell me my car sounds amazing.

My plan has always been to turbocharge the car but now I'm afraid the addition of a turbo will ruin the sound that I have come to love. A turbo will chop up that sound, it's not necessarily the loudness I like, it's the distinction between cylinders that you can hear in the exhaust. Before I had a test pipe it didn't sound that way, and I HATED it. The way the car sounds is very important too me. I don't care if it was an 800hp monster, if I didn't like the way it sounded, I wouldn't own it. If adding a turbo is going to spoil that, than I don't want to do it. My next question is this, my horsepower goals are between 400-500hp. A positive displacement supercharger is out of the question because I absolutely hate the way they sound, I'd probably own a Terminator Cobra if I didn't. So if a turbo is going to take away the sound I like, my options are limited to Stroking/Centrificul SC/Nitrous. I don't think I can get the HP I want with just one of those, but I haven't seen any S2000's that have any 2 of the combination. Is there anyone on here with more than one power adder? Or a stroked motor and a power adder?

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A turbo will make it sound a lot different, worse in your case.

A supercharger would enhance the sound. I had an Invidia test pipe and exhaust a long time ago and I liked it, too. I added a supercharger (centrifugal, not a whiney roots style) and wow did it make a difference. To this date I think it was one of the best sounding cars I've ever heard. The centrifugal superchargers can only really be heard at idle, once you step on it they are nearly silent. Roots stule blowers are the ones that whine like crazy.
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Keep it like it is.
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if you put a turbo on it, its going to sound like an SRT-4

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