First time turbo kit

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First time turbo kit

Hey guys i currently dot own a s2k but am definiatly gettin 1 towards rhe end of year with money to spend on a turbo kit but i have a few questions first

I want to acheive high power and reliability but im not sure on whether i get a bolt on or custom bought,also what are some setups you have and what did they cost you just so i know how much money im lookig at prob no more then 10-12k i am new to this so please dont be smart about it thnx
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normal aspiration
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suggest you read this current thread

you're welcome in advance in this mattter
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Calling kgf!
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I wouldn't even know where to start...I don't think kindergarten is going back far enough.
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Ok since i was just trying to learn a little bit and nobody was helpfull can you link me to a thread which can and will help
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Hey nashy not on this forum. Most people on this forum haven't a clue about that sort of thing. Don't you know boost devalues this precious car and the gods at honda may get angry? Don't forget if you boost it it will blow up and kill little children when it does. Just ask the people on here they will confirm what I am saying. Basically what I am telling you is tell them to suck your huge black dong, you will do what you want with your money and they should all f off.

Now that I am done explaining the forum to you I have a few questions for you. Your budget of 10-12 does this include the car too? If it does your goal will most likely be out of reach. So if you do have 12k to blow you can do some pretty nice stuff. High power is subjective what is that to you? I would imagine you could get around 450 reliable whp. I am sure you could get wayyyyy more power out of it but with more power reliability goes down. It is really all in the tune with these motors they're built strong so a competent tuner is what you need. Getting good power isnt the issue its not breaking the rear that is. Anyway I have been out of it for about 2 years so I cant really help you with what the hot kit is right now but I would check s2ki if I were you.
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No the car is a differnent story i will have 10-12k to spend on it i currently own a toyota celica 2001 model and ive spent around 8k on looks as i am a p plater so bod kit weels stereo jus crap so now i want a s2k stock but all motor ive read up on the greddy bolt on and heard of problems and what really i wanna know is what turbo kit people are usin and how reliable is it i could go for supercharged aswell just thought the turbo is more fun(quicker)
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I do believe that the supercharger route is more reliable from what I'm told. Good luck!
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First off learn to drive the car in stock form, you may find the modifications unnecessary. Plus if you cannot handle the car in stock form, a turbo/supercharger is just going to accentuate the problem at a faster pace. There are other power mods. to consider, flashpro, which reflashes the ECU so that you have a lower rpm point of VTEC engagement. I would choose a supercharger over a turbo for a car that is easily e-tuned and reliable.
If what you really want is a car that is 0-60 friendly, you'd be better off with some Detroit pig iron.
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^^^what he said^^^

The S2 is a great platform in theory since it is small, light, and rear drive but the present value and projected resale value of the car make it better suited for the pampered life. But if you must boost, spend some time behind the wheel first since it is a whole other world compared to your celica. Superchargers produce plenty of power and seem to keep the car more reliable but turbo can be cheaper initially.
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