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vsa help

hey all,
1st of all thanks in advance, i need ur opinion guys. yesterday night i did some alignment changes( i just change the toe) on my s2k 07 on my vsa warning light turned on after driving for about five minutes of testdrive.

at first, while im driving the triangle blinks at about 4-5krpms and then goes away, then after about five minutes the VSA and the little triangle logo turned and stayed on. the car runs very good and strong, and i honestly dont feel any changes except for the annoying vsa light on.

i drove it this morning to see if the vsa light wil go away but it didnt, so i thought i ask. i just did a reset and i waited an hour before i reset the battery-->still on.

when i did some alignmnet changes (Toe only) on my car, the steering wheel isnt on the center.. i mean if i put the wheels and tires straight and parallel from one another, my steering wheel is not aligned correctly, it is turned to the right a lot. i drove the car like this yesterday night and i like how it handles after i change the toe but the vsa light turned on, could this be the reason why it turned on? could an improper toe and a misaligned steering wheel cause the vsa to turn on?

also, two weeks ago, i painted my brake caliper, but i didnt remove it, i just tape the surrounding parts to protect from over spray. could this also be the cause and two weeks after the vsa turned on? maybe a little over spray in some sensor trigger the light to turn on.

i want to avoid to take it to the dealer because i did a lot of aftermarket changes to my car already. and i have coilovers, I/H/E/tP, act clutch and flywheel, 4.44FG,etc...i wanna try to solve this on my own with out taking it to the dealer.

pls help. also, i did change my pads too with the hawk ceramic pads 2 weeks ago wen i painted the calipers.

also some more concern:

would the VSA cause more or any other problems (damage abs,speed sensor,etc.)to my car if i dont fix this vsa light on, coz the car runs very good, and i turn off the vsa all the time anyway when i drive it.

is there any site or something that i could go to to learn on how the VSA work on the s2000 cause the manual only talks about the function but nothing on how to diagnose problems about vsa light turned on and then fix it. hope there is something out there i can go and research about this.

again thanks so much..and i apologize for the long story...have a nice day
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i've not qute shure what vsa is i got an ap1 though could someone please explain.
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VSA = Vehicle Stability Assist. Keeps you from doing anything really stupid by automagically applying the brakes, changing the amount of throttle, etc. Not on AP-1 cars at all so you can relax...
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I think there's a problem with your alignment adjustments. Why did you have to align it anyway? Did you hit something? When you aligned it, was it on an alignment rack, or were you just guessing?

If the alignment is done CORRECTLY, the steering wheel should not be off center.

I'm not sure, but I think the VSA system thinks that the car is doing something that it's not, because your wheel is turned.
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DISCLAIMER: I HAVEN'T SEEN YOUR CAR AND CAN'T SPEAK FOR IT'S SAFETY........ALWAYS, YOU'RE DRIVING AT YOUR OWN RISK. Take what I have to say and apply it within your best judgement.

I'll agree with Don on this Puklo,
as there's a steering angle sensor located inside of the steering wheel, and it's very sensitive. It's working in conjunction with several other devices, (wheel speed sensors, yaw rate sensor, brake on off switch, and the lateral accelerometer) to determine whether or not the activate the vehicle stability control system.

I would start by getting the steering wheel properly set (down at the tie rods, not from inside the car) by an alignment shop. They should be able to do this without changing what you've already done, and give them the specs you're looking for in your setup......they should be able to put where you want.

Scanning the vehicle for codes wouldn't be a bad idea either......but you're likely to need honda to extract data from the VSA system. Worth the effort, as it should give you a direction to go in,.
BUT----attending to the obvious problem, (steering wheel misaligned) is the cheap way to start off, and there's a good chance it'll fix your dilemma.
Shouldn't be a problem to operate the car in the meantime, (as long as you've got the suspension set up correctly) but the VSA system is currently disabled and won't be there to help if you need it, so don't go driving around like a mental midget......

good luck,
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thanks guys....i agree with you...i mis aligned it. i actually pulled some possible codes for it for what i did....dtc 27,25, 26-->these are mostly due to misalignment issue and improper tire pressure...i am taking it to d dealer 2mrow. i got the alignmnet fix already, jus need to clear the code.
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Wow! (Yeah, I know . . I'm sayin' that alot lately)
Not fer nothin', but the site's really had some great additions in the form'a knowledgable new members over the past months. (Which is good, as it lets Go n' Matt take a day off now'n again)
That Funk-n'-Wagnels that Jagg jus' posted up there . . ya don't get better'n'at from a site via a site member.
(I particularly enjoyed the profession disclaimer Jagg. Aaay, ya godda, I know)
I godda stop now, I'm gettin' in one'a those group-hug moods.
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