S2000 cranks but won't start need help please

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S2000 cranks but won't start need help please

So I'm new to the s2000 forum I'm Nico from Miami and the Honda s2k has been my dream car for a long time and I finally got one about 6 months ago it is a ap1 2002 with a engine harness tuck and battery in the trunk and 3 inch greedy exhaust that was previously boosted making about 450 but now it's back to all motor. When I got the car I started having issues after driving it for about 30 min or more it would have a hard time starting back up like the battery was dead almost but if I waited about 10-15 mins it would start up fine. I got a new battery and I and I redid the grounds as well and that seemed to fix the issue of it having a hard time starting. After this I ordered a carbon fiber intake for the s2 and I got a 70 mm throttle body as well after installing the throttle body swapping the tps and map sensors and intake I would drive the car and bang gears but only sometimes vtec would engage all the way and sometimes it wouldn't engage at all which seemed odd to me so I called my brother who is a Acura mechanic and I am also very well mechanically inclined doing swaps etc etc and he said that it was probably the tps sensor that needed adjusting so started adjusting the tps a lil back and forth to see if it would fix it and I went for a drive after I adjusted it and the s2 was driving even worse it felt like I was towing a 18 wheeler I would put the pedal to the floor in first and it would barely go so I pulled over and adjusted the tps again and started driving again but the same issue still I got on the highway and was barely maintaining 60 with the pedal to the floor so I pulled over again and went to adjust the tps when I was doing this The engine backfired and died on me so I went u restart the car and it was giving me the same slope crank from before so I waited and nothing changed so I towed it home and swapped the battery from another car and I got it to start up but I had to hold the push start for about 10 seconds to get it to start when normally it would start up right away and after it started if I gave it 100 percent throttle it would die but if I slowly gave it gas the rpm would go up but as soon as I would let off it would die again and I drive it around the neighborhood after I started it and it was giving me the same feeling of towing a 18 wheeler. I then checked the check engine light codes which gave me a p1399 random misfore p0170 fuel trim malfunction and p0122 tps sensor circuit low input so I checked the tps and realized that the inside plastic had broken on it so I then ordered another from eBay and I also ordered new spark plugs I swapped ignition coil pack from my running rsx I ordered 02 sensors and I replaced the fuel pump as well as the main relay after doing all this I cleared the check engine light codes and tried to start but it will only crank and act like it wants to start but it doesn't start and at this point I have no clue what else to do. I tried checking voltage at tps sensor wires and see if it increases as it should but I don't get any reading on the wire that should increase from .3 to I think 4.5 and the power wire that should read 5v I am getting nothin. I am using a harbor freight voltage reader on correct setting but it could be a defective one so I got another from harbor frieght but same reading at 0. I am lost as what I should do next. It has a wire tuck and at this point I am thinking that there is an electrical gremlin and I should replace the entire wiring harness but before I do that I wanted to get some opinion and if anyone has had similar issues I am completely lost and want to get to drive my baby again
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