Does anyone else have this clack from their engine

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Does anyone else have this clack from their engine

This is the sound I was talking about in a previous thread...we had suspected that a rod bearing was going but that is not the case...dropped the oil pan and tech inspected the bearings and its fine...i get a loud one off same sound rattle as soon as I hit the start button and it dissappears immediately...then as the car warms up this exact sound occurs...and a slight misfire...hooked up the OBD reader to the car and it threw no codes at all...fresh TCT and valve adjustment to spec...double checked by know this aint piston slap because that was eliminated from Hondas last decade...04 AP2 115K miles...BB...this is the sound I was talking about my friend..the sound really audible around 0:56 of the vid and you can hear it after that too

I was thinking of trying an engine restore product...has anyone used any on their higher mileage s2000s?...any recommendations?

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normal aspiration
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right there at the end it sounds like a german shepherd is barking from #4 cylinder.

this is a very vague sound to me. F20 and F22 make a lot of noises. they are not quiet. i've not a clue as to what it could be.

could it be:

water pump


a pulley

remember, even though it is a honda, and is an S2000, it has 100,000+ on the ODO and is not going to be perfect. it will either be ok or get worse. if you and your mechanics can't figure it out, don't worry about it. it will bite you in the **** sooner or later. keep an ear out for it. i don't think it is on the verge of blowing up. disclaimer: i could be wrong about that.

my camry has about 110,000 on the ODO and makes some strange noises at idle before a good warmup. it still drives great.

my 63 year old tractor makes all kinds of sounds at start up; it has what sounds like an actual knock, but not all of the time, and then it smooths out and purrs like you wouldn't believe an engine of that age could.

only other option, as i see it, is a total rebuild. i would consider that a waste of resources at this time.

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Yeah thats kinda what I figured...rebuild or replace time...i wouldnt go with a used motor though just because you never know what you are getting...looks like its time to start building up the bank balance to see it all disappear at the Honda money is still on injectors for that sound...but nobody wants to take the time to look at mine...dammmitttt...canadians i tell just said drive it till it cel either...damn this car...but i love her too much to let her go
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