Stripped thread in housing

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Stripped thread in housing

Why do the simple jobs always seem to go bad? Went to change the tranny oil on my '05 and all was going well until I took out the fill bolt and found a coiled "spring" of aluminum on the end of the bolt. Went to put the bolt back in at the end of the job and it seemed to get to a certain point and then loosen - and no, I didn't go beyond the torque point. Here's my it possible to simply rethread the hole slightly larger - without removing the trans and/or screwing it up by getting filings inside? Or is this going to require a removal?

Any ideas would be really appreciated.
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Sounds like a Heli-coil insert. I guess you can try to put another insert in there but not sure if that will work. No real good way to do it. I guess you can retap it and change the fluid a couple of times to try and get out any shavings.

Good luck.

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Sounds like a retard cross threaded the drain hole, check the threads on the bolt. are they rounded over or gone completely? A heli-coil is not a good option for this particular application, re-tapping the hole is the "cheapest" option.
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Originally Posted by Nwheeler View Post
is it possible to simply rethread the hole slightly larger - without removing the trans and/or screwing it up by getting filings inside?
It's going to be very difficult to re-tap the hole and stay perfectly perpendicular. And if you don't tap the hole perfectly perpendicular the bolt and crush washer won't seal tight and you could leak transmission fluid. Any fix is going to be a stab in the dark but it beats the alternative of a broken car.

It will also be difficult to re-tap the hole without getting any metal flakes inside the transmission housing. But you should be able to flush most of those out by pumping oil in and out. You can also buy high performance taps that coil the metal back out of the hole instead of gathering at the tip of the tap. We use them in my industry for tapping blind holes and tapping holes on cnc machining machines that run fully automated. These taps will help get the minimum amount of metal flakes inside your transmission housing.
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Throw the bolt out, and fill the hole with high-temp silicone.

I'm serious. It's not a pressurized system, and will very likely hold just fine. When you want to change the fluid again, you can remove the seal with a small screwdriver or whatever, with minimal risk of contaminating the fluid with solid particles. Inspect it after the first few hours of use, then first few days, then maybe monthly until you're confident with the fix.

This is by far the cheapest, easiest, and probably the most effective way of fixing your problem.
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Originally Posted by Jim21680 View Post

Throw the bolt out, and fill the hole with high-temp silicone.
If you're going to do that, I'd try a rubber expansion plug first. The kind with the bolt down the middle that expands the rubber outward as you tighten it.
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