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well i had a question about going all motor to supercharinging the s2000. what are the disadvantages. I herd getting 20 horsepower from going all motor like individidual throttle body is more than getting it from a turbo or supercharger becuase of lag even if the turbo or sc is suppost to be giving u 20. my last question is, i herd that s2000 responds to only big mods like idtb and sc and tc, and that u only get about 8 horsepower from exhaust and headers combined...anyone know if thats true? thanks for you help
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You'd be lucky to get 8whp from bolt ons. As I say about once every week when this post is made, this is not a Civic. Honda has done an amazing job squeezing the most out of this engine.

There is no 'lag' with a SC since it is belt driven. If the engine is turning, the blower is turning. However, it is true that you really have to keep the revs up to stay in boost (top 3,000 rpm or so). I can't speak to ITB since haven't experienced it in person, but the ones I've seen written about have open manifolds so I can't imagine that would be a great daily driver (noise, no air filter(s)).
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The basic centrifugal supercharger kits out there (Vortecn, Comptech) are great performance for the price. I think it would be more expensive trying to get big HP and staying naturally aspirated.

The S2000 doesn't make much power below 3000rpm and I don't think staying all motor will have any benefits in this range.

Another option is a small turbo. A properly sized turbo can have a very flat torque curve with minimal lag.
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Smile Happily Content with 240hp!

I've had my share of speeding tickets, and defensive driving schools, and it took me many years to get my license to "safe driver" status, and my insurance costs down, so needless to say, I'm happy with my S2K just the way it is. Oh, I can strongly relate with the need for speed, and more horsepower, but in time those speeding tickets and insurance costs will get real old real quick. Advice for leadfooters, stay under the radar, literally!
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I think it depends on how you are going to use it, and your budget! I went the Turbo Charging route. It kicks in around 4,000rpm and is mental from 6,000rpm to red line. Currently running at around 420hp at 8,000 rpm.

Around town it feels little different from standard when kept below 6,000 rpm, perhaps a little more torque. But at the track I have got as much power as I need. It's like two cars in one, but it was a lot of work to get it to this stage. Its not bolt on and driveaway.
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The all motor route is very expensive, but depending on how well its built it can take a lot of abuse. I have never been a fan of adding FI, but i guess it depends on what kind of driving you will be doing. Track? Drag? Autocross? Touge? Tune your car to the driving conditions you will participate in.
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Everything posted above is good advice, I would suggest following it.
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