Random Misfires in all Cylinders

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Random Misfires in all Cylinders

Hey guys. Got a 05 s2000 with 61500 miles. A couple months ago my check engine light came on. I noticed a loss in power so i brought it into the local honda dealer. They said i had bad gas(RIGHT!!!). I decided to go along with their diagnosis and they replaced fuel filter, fuel sock, cleaned gas tank and all fuel lines and cleaned injectors. 3 days passed until the CEL came back on. I bring it back to Honda and that took a snapshot of the ECU and sent it to the Honda engineers. They say its the fuel injectors and want $800 bucks. I decided to hold off on chunking out serious money and decided to go the cheap route with chevron toughgaurd injector cleaner. The car feels better and the CEL goes off mid drive. I was extremely happy!!. Then a week later, the CEL came on and Stewie felt like she was running on 2 cylinders. Also the clutch pedal required more force, and the transmission felt clunky and metallic like i was grinding against the shift gates. This went on for 40 miles then the CEL went off again mid drive. I decided to bring Stewie to an independent shop. They tested the fuel injectors and spark and all are working within parameters. They cant find the problem.

So does anyone know what is going on with my Stewie?
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I just had the exact same thing happen about two weeks ago, it started slow like yours then went on to running on three cylinders. It turned out they had to open her up and found i had some bent valves. they quoted me $6000 for new head, valves and valve guides. but we managed to machine the origional head, find aftermarket valve guids and new valves. the total came out to $2000. hope this is not what you're getting man.
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I dont think it it my valves because when the CEL goes off the engine returns to normal operation. Nice and smooth. For example, it felt like i was running on two cylinders when the CEL was on and immediately returned to normal when the CEL turned off mid drive. Also since the time of the two cylinder feel, whenever the CEL would come back on performance loss was less and my transmission felt normal. That is the weird thing about my case. CEL comes on and performance drops at varying levels then the CEL will turn off after a number of miles (25-100) and the car feels absolutely normal.

Im going to do a compression check, check the knock sensor, MAP sensor, O2 sensors, EGR system clog and Vacuum hose test.

Is there anything else i should look into?
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Do a leak down as well. I had the same issue of intermittent cel's and it also turned out to be exhaust valves in cylinder #1. The seats were pounded into the head and it was fixed under warranty. I'm sure it would have been $6000 as well if not for warranty.

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Did you happen to pull a code? You might throw a set of plugs in. Bad gas can foul them.
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Originally Posted by philiam View Post
Did you happen to pull a code? You might throw a set of plugs in. Bad gas can foul them.
Thats actually one of the first things i tried.

and if it is a bent valve i hope my warranty will cover it
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Originally Posted by skatepozer23 View Post
Thats actually one of the first things i tried.

and if it is a bent valve i hope my warranty will cover it
I had bent valves when I got mine... It was from the previous owner over reving, probably from downshifting to low while at a high speed... Mine actually was dumping gas though... I was getting about 5 - 10 mpg but the car seemed to run good... What area do you love in? If it is bent valves I can refer you to the car lot that I bought mine from... They had their mechanic (an Acura mechanic) that charged way less than the dealership... I would only suggest them cause they actually paid for my repairs even though the S was out of warranty which says they are a good and reliable lot...
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my friends car has the same exact problem and it's garaged for 2 years now
he did what ever he can do
head gasket,radiator,spark plug.fuel check from the tank up to the injector nothing change

BTW: am not from the US, our dealer never bring the S2000 in his shop and yes we have only one dealer in my country ( there are only 6 S2000s in my country me and my friends )
hope to find a solution in that thing
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problem solved

Excellent post. On my 2002 S2000 I checked the compression, did a leak down test, changed the plugs, adjusted the valves, tried new coil packs but the cure was the injectors for the random misfires on all or any cylinder. RC Engineering in Torrance Calif does a great job of servicing fuel injectors and they found that two of them were leaking. They also sell new injectors to match performance. Finally "bye-bye" check engine light !!!
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Thank you for letting everyone know, definitely good to know!
So you kept the stock ones just having them cleaned and serviced? What did they charge?
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They charge around $30 per injector. Russ Collins runs the show. He's an old time drag racer still hanging in there.
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As for the bent valves mentioned years ago, could this have been from the timing chain jumping on a worn TCT??
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