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Need advise?!? uneven suspension height

I just bought an '01 S2k almost 1 month old / 30,000 miles , my concerned is the driver side both front and rear suspension is approx. 1/2" lower than the passenger side. all four tires does have an equally even wear. I got no problem with the handling but im just very picky, it's just look odd having one side lower than the other. Please comments, suggestions, advise are very much welcome.

Thank you very much
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Hi Art, congrats on your new ride. May the road ahead be always require those signs with the really squiggely arrows n' the traffic be elsewhere. Curiosity; was the guy you bought it from kinda on the heavy side? Jus' a very basic startin' point if the unit has 30 thou on it.
It doesn't sound like something that someone would do intentionally (like some of these lowering-for-looks things) so I'm guessin' it probably is the result of overly worked suspension on the driver's side. N' we all know that the combination of S2 and corners calls to us with, or without, a warm body in the passenger seat so the possibility of body weight only bein' applied to the drivers side suspension is very real.
If everything's where it's supposed to be (no previous owner tweaks) it might be as simple a fix as replacin' the offendin' parts.
If you are gonna go through the trouble though, might I suggest readin'
halos info dump in "Answer Me This" that's currently runnin' on the top of page 2 in this forum. Dependin' on your drivin' preferences, this jus' might both take care of your problem and improve your cornerin' to boot.
Good luck, n' like the old knight said: "Choose wisely".
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Sorry About your problem....

I also have another car that has the same problem...

Since you got it used maybe the car was into a accident before and they didn't fix the chassis correctly....

That's one of my scenario because my chassis on my other car was like that when someone hit the it....
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if is not the chasis, then it must be the suspension, get a tech person to look at it, i don't think we can offer any comments from the info u give us. but if is the coilovers, then don get the stock ones, the price is rediculous. get a set of 4 adjustable you will love it!
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Couple of blind guesses:

1. The car has aftermarket height adjustable coilovers and they're not adjusted evenly.

2. The car had aftermarket springs, or coilovers. The previous owner, sly devil, took them off the car (as well as all the other aftermarket parts) and sold it to you as "bone stock" However, in removing said parts, the rear springs were not reinstalled correctly in their perches. Additionally, the shocks could be blown if he ran lowering springs on stock shocks.

I'd start by making sure you're on a very flat parking lot (use a level if you have to). Then, measure the distance between the top of the tire and the wheel well at exactly the same spot on both sides. See how much difference there really is.
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Thank you guys for all your suggestions, comments I really appreciate everthing!!!

I went to and pullout a carfax history for my S2 and the vehicle is free of accident, so I would assumed that probably the suspension on the driver's side are just worn out. But I will probably replace the suspension within a year with an aftermarket ones.
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