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Do s2000s make good daily drivers?

Do any of you guys daily drive your s2000s? How are they on gas mileage? How often do you go through tires and how much do they generally run? Are there any wierd maintenance costs or anything? Any suggestions or personal experiences welcome.
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i use mu s2000 as my dairly ride, for a single person is ok, for two person is kind of small, especailly when u got u r bag/purse etc. the rear trunk is quite small u can't fit too much stuff in. the maintenance is ok just like other hoda cars. u have to check oil level regularly. the tires just like other sport sedan nothing special unless u want michelin tires other wise its nott hat expansive, for winter if u r area snow or rains alot its better to get a good winter tire+ rim @@ this car use alot of gas at least it use the same amount of gas a mercedes V8 ... (will maybe abit less but not much). The car gets dirty easily and the the ride is not that confortable. however the performance and fun level is a A+ ....
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The S2000 is a purpose built sports car. It has a stiffer than average suspension, rides low, and handles really well. If you have ever driven an Acura NSX, it feels more raw than that, a little more stiff. Steering is very responsive, working well with the suspension, you can really feel the road. Braking is excellent and predictable. Stock S-02 tires wear very quickly (20k), particularly because I drive spiritedly. My S2000 is a very reliable car, basic maintenance just like any other car. Regular oil changes at 3-5k depending on oil you run (I use AMS OIL 5w-40). I have had zero problems with mine. A little irritating to get stuck in rush hour gridlock, though. This car was meant for open roads and twisties. The engine and powerband are the best thing, IMO, over everything else, though. 9000 rpm of fun, 120 hp per liter (doesn't get any better than that). Lastly gas mileage is good for just cruising around 75mph on freeways (26-27 mpg), but city I only get around 19 mpg, and when I am driving really hard for a sustained period of time, you notice mileage drop as well. As for long trips, don't expect to take much more than maybe two medium sized suitcases maximum in the trunk. I picked up mine for around 24k from a dealer with 40k miles on it (great condition).
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i really like it as a single person car (i agree that it is small,and made for maybe just a girlfriend and no thick chicks). The ride is harsh (no hangover ride accepted), but for the drivability it feels like a civic until 6k then its a beast. I have had my unexpectable spinouts, Rain and wrong shift points were great reasons. This car will get loose and when it does LOOK OUT! It catches you by surprise. Just be careful. And the only complaint i have, (and i have a 2001) is rear plastic window (fixed on later model), and the stereo blows. Stereo easy to upgrade if you feel the need, but i highly reccomend the glass window models. You will fall in love the moment you drive for a nice 70 degree weekend.
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the Bat owns it but let's get to the question. Daily driver ? Why would you NOT want to drive the best car on the road ? I do.
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