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Mod Nightmare Need Advise

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Mod Nightmare Need Advise

True story.
I have a 2006 S2000.
Originally I ordered a J's Racing exhaust from Evastivemotorsports and a Mugen header from kingmotorsports. After finding out that the J's racing 60RS Catback does not fit the 06 S2k, I canceled the order. Being somewhat patient, I wanted to take my time and look for that perfect exhaust for my car. So I then proceeded to take the cash that I paid for the exhaust went to Kingmotorsports and bought the mugen carbon fiber airbox. Parts came in and my buddy and I was putting in the parts today. After opening the mugen carbon fiber airbox package, looking through the instructions (all in japanese) and I also confirmed it with kingmotorsports, that inorder to install the air box, I would have to cut a piece of metal from the inner section of my hood and do some drilling on the engine bay cross support. I'm all up for moding my car, however not in the business of mutilating my car. Then I called Kingmotorsports up again, and wanted to return the part. They said they would have to charge me a 20% restocking fee. I then informed him that I had purchase the mugen header, and if he would let me return the airbox with full imburstment that I would be wiling to buy the mugen exhaust or the toda exhaust. Scott the owner of kingmotorsports agreeded and I told him to put me in for the mugen exhaust. Checking online the mugen exhaust note it isn't that loud. I am looking for a tasteful sound but am not looking for the "ricey" exhaus note. I was thinking of going with the toda racing exhaust instead. Does anyone know if the toda is a catback or a headerback? I still want to use my cat for emissions purposes. Please advise if i should get the toda or the mugen exhaust.

My buddy and I then was installing the mugen header, and it's 3am saturday morning and it still is not done. The car is still jacked up on both sides and the front passenger wheel is in the garage. Took a break to go to dinner at 11pm and caught the last showing of spiderman3, however this is not an excuse. it took use forever to take out the stock header. After taking out all the bolts, nuts etc, we couldn't install the mugen header. calling kingmotorsports again (the guys there are really great and give good customer support)they advise me to take out the heat shield that ran from behind the header back to the end of the catyllic converter. After spending much time taking off the heatshield (it's still off and i don't thinkig I'm gonna put it back on, will this be a problem?) I was able to slide the header in from the bottom. But another problem occured. The mugen header was not flush to the engine exhaust port, y you ask? Because the catyllic converter was obstructing the bottom of the header. So i then had to take off the catylic coverter and walla, the header was properly installed onto the engine block. It was 9ish and my buddy lost one of the nuts to that bolts the header onto the engine. I will need to go to the dealer and buy one nut tomorrow morning...I guess in a couple hours. Well one more problem arises, now I can't reinstall the catyllic converter. After this, we went for dinner and watch spidey3. Tomorrow the plan will be to unbolt the exhaust system and rebolt the cat then reinstall the exhaust again.
Guys sorry this was a long story, it was truely a nightmare. Thank god kingmotorsports is cool or I would have shot myself.

So any advise on if I should go with the mugen or the toda exhaust?
and is the toda exhaust for the s2k a catback?

any advise on reinstalling the cat for tomorrow morning?

do I need to install the heatshield given to me from mugen and the heatshield that shields the battery?
(it's gonna be a pain if I have to)
if I don't reinstall the heatshields, will the heat from the header fry and wires?

do I need to install the heatshield that runs above the catylic converter and runs all the way back to the rear?

please wise sage of the s2k forum. Please answer my prayers and give me some good advise on my car!!!
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That is a long story. No, you do not need the heat shields. I have run without the top one for over a year. I have since put it back on to help keep the under hood heat down this summer.

P.S. I hope you didn't remove the bolt closest to the firewall that holds the battery heat shield in place. If you did, screw it back in BEFORE you put the heatshield back in and slide the heat shield over it. The heat shield has a cut out so it will slide over the bolt. Once the heat shield is in place, put another bolt in to help hold the shield in place and then tighten the bolt closest to the firewall all the way down. A racheting box wrench works best, TRUST me, I have removed that thing four times and bought a set of racheting box wrenches just for that 1 bolt. It is SOOOOO much easier with that tool. They also come in handy when you take out your cat. You will see why when you go to put it back in.
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So I put in another 3 hours today to finish up my header. Seven bolts for the header and I only managed to put in six. I will go to this mechanic guy in the next couple days to see if he can help me with the seventh bolt. The way the mugen header is designed there's one bult that is impossible to bolt on. I test drove my car today, ...driving with one bolt missing, will this be a problem? After testing driving the car, it doesn't sound any different, so I think I'm gonnna go with the toda exhaust, if it's a catback. Any one have any idea if it's a catback or a headerback?
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I have the toda exhaust on my ap2 and can say for sure, it is a catback.
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I know this is a big trend lately. And I read that whole thing too! Ugh lol.
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