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hello all! new owner and general questions!

Old 08-01-2006, 07:33 AM
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hello all! new owner and general questions!

Hello all...I just wanted to take a moment to say hi. I took delivery of a 2002 AP1 in Sebring Silver Metallic last Sunday with only 33,000 miles. I had a 2006 Honda Accord Coupe that I quickly grew bored of that I bought in February. I had a 2002 Honda Accord Coupe prior to that; hence the name "f23power".

Anyways...I love the s2000..fell in love with it when i first saw it as a senior in high school.

I have a few concerns and questions that I hope all of you can answer for this is my first manual tranny car:

1. When slowing down..I find it much easier to just push in the cutch, put the car in neutral and coasting to a stop rather than downshifting and revmatching. Any harm in doing so? Benefits of revmatching?

2. When I'm accelerating off the line....I hear a creaking noise coming from the rear. I'm assuming its the sound of the rear springs compressing?

3. When slowing down...I hear a "whirring" noise coming from under the car. I'm assuming thats the drive-shaft?

4. When putting the car in first when the stop light turns green..I hear/feel a gentle thump coming from the rear?

5. Is it just me or when doing high speed accelerating, going from 2nd to 3rd...3rd is hard to find. Its like 1/2 inch more to the right than I expecting. Is 3rd gear generally hard to get into at high speeds?

6. Whats a synchro?

7. Sometimes to avoid the "jerk" from downshifting, I'll release the clutch slowly. Any harm doing that?

8. Let say if I wanted to pass someone and I'm doing 70mph in 6th, can I shift directly to 4th? I don't know what my revs would be that why I've never done it. I usually just drop it to 5th

If you guys answered these for me and gave me any advice on driving a stick, I would appreciate it greatly!!

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Old 08-01-2006, 07:44 AM
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Welcome aboard F;
I'll field #5 real quick: practice. N' it sounds like you jus' picked it up, so give it a few weeks n' you'll be able to do it in your sleep, r', at least without thinkin' about it. (Shift from 2nd to 3rd that is)
Be well.
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Hey F,
the thump is something that almost everyone feels I think. Third gear is easy to find. Just let go of the stick, then push forward. It will go right into third. If you want to down shift into lower gears, you need to know the top speed of each gear, then you will know how far down you can shift. Good luck and have fun!
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Old 08-02-2006, 03:22 AM
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Here goes.
1. = If you don't want to use the engine to help slow your speed, it's fine to push the clutch in and let the car coast. The only thing might be you would wear out your brake pads a little faster. Drive it like you want, it's OK.

2. = Not sure.

3. = The "whirring noise" from under the car is most likely the exhaust backpressure. Nothing to be concerned with if it is.

4. = As others mentioned, the little thump is not really a problem. If it feels substantial, make sure the clutch is fully depressed.

5. = Also as mentioned, if this is your 1st MT car, you just need time to adjust to the gearbox.

6. = A sychro is short for sychronizer. It is what helps the transmission (and you) smoothly shift from one gear to the next.

7. = It depends on how slowly you release the clutch. If it's a really really slow release you may risk wearing the clutch. But this is an extreme example.

8. = The best way to find out your max RPM for any speed to gear is to test it. Find a place where you don't have to worry about traffic. Then, starting in 1st, take each gear close to redline. Notice approximate speed just prior to shifting. With the case you mentioned at 70mph, I don't think you would have a problem going to 4th to pass.
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Sorry to do this piece-meal F, but I jus' re-read your post n' I think I can offer a little assistance with #7 "Sometimes to avoid the "jerk" from downshifting, I'll release the clutch slowly. Any harm doing that?"
That jerk that you're referring to is the sudden application of a slower engine speed to the rear (drive) wheels in relation to the forward speed ot the car. Translation: suddenly puttin' the brakes on with only the rear wheels resultin' in an abrupt change in Stewie's originally smooth forward progress.
In a straight line it almost always only produces that "throwin'-out-the-anchor" jerk that you referred to. In a straight line situation where traction to the front wheels is compromised, r', especially in a curve (even the slightest of curves) it could have you joinin' the shrubery (or worse) in the landscape that you were originally motorin' by.
Smooth is the keyword as it lets you keep as much of whatever traction is available to you. Sudden application of power, or reduction of power at the power end of the car can produce undesirable results.
So, if releasin' the clutch slowly allows you to maintain a smooth and relatively undiminshed amount of traction, it's the way to go.
No harm; only benefit.
'Works for me. (Sorry about the length)
Be well.
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8. How to find out what speed you will be at a lower gear if you downshift.

One way is:
travel along in 4th gear at 70 mph -note your engine RPMs. (eg x rpm)
Shift into 5th gear at 70mph - note your RPMs (eg y rpm)
Shift into 6th gear at 70mph - note your RPMs (eg z rpm)

If you are in 6th gear at 70mph (z rpm) and you shift down into 4th you will be doing x rpm.

Never shift into a lower gear if you are already above 6000 rpm.

7. The jerk from downshifting comes from incorrect rev-matching.

5. If you stop thinking about it you will probably find the gears quite quite natural. Don't grab the geastick as you would joystick or gun handle, cup your hand over the top - rest your palm on top of the **** and shift forward with the "heel" of your palm.
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Congrats on your new baby! I have an 01 Silverstone Metallic w/red leather. <----pic.

Shifting in the S2k has taken some getting used to for me. I still drive a 1996 Accord 4-cyl 5spd and I swear that clutch is trickier, which could be due to its age and is just a quirkier, older car.

I have trouble going from 1st to 2nd in my S2k for some reason, I tend to go too far to the right and grind it, so i just pull it back towards me more instead. Also I can very easily skip from 3rd to 5th or from 2nd to 4th in the Accord but in the S2k I find it very awkward so i just don't do it. 5th to 6th is also a little weird to me still and is probably from only have 5 gears in the Accord and not being used to pushing the shifter that far over.

I hear that thump too, and the whirring you speak of. I'm assuming since others are familiar with it it's just an S2k thing.

That's awesome your first stick is this car. My first was a 95 Dodge Neon, then the Accord. You'll be so spoiled then try driving just about any other stick and you'll appreciate the incredible Honda engineering!!!!
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Cool Noise in the back of car

The noise you have heard is may actually be the rear diff bushing inside the driveshaft connector is worn out. So you would hear clicks during accelleration and whirring on decelleration. Have it check just to be safe.
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